problem with new Xconnect PSU


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i removed my old POS power supply and installed my new xconnect. i have everything connected turned it on and i get a loud beeping noise. i disconnect everything and only connect the 12V connector and the main power connector for the mobo. still the same thing. i cant tell if its the mobo or PSu thats making this really loud long beep noise.

i have an AMD 64bit 3000+ w/ Asus K8N mobo. 1 gig ram. any ideas?


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PSU's don't make noise. there is no speaker inside a PSU to make noise. you SURE you had everything hooked up correctly? maybe a stick of ram isn't entirely in?

sorry.... kinda shootin in the dark here. and.... by having everything "disconnected"..... do you mean the power cables are all disconnected, or the only thing you have in your computer is the mobo, CPU, RAM, and PSU? i'm pretty sure it'll beep if the video card doesn't have power. do you have a video card? could use a bit more broad range of specs i think....