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Problem with new card!!! Pls help



Hey yall. I just bought the ati radeon 7000 pci 64 mb DDR card. I have a i810 motherboard that has onboard video. I disabled that somehow from device manager and deleted the existing video drivers, and installed the card. But when i tested its performance, it wasnt good. I ran 3d mark 2001 and the frame rate was very bad, like in the 10s. I then updated the drivers and everything but still no luck. I played serious sam 2 and the game was jerky and unsmooth, i wasnt expecting this at all.....

My PC config:
OS--win xp
Intel Pentium 3
700 mhz
128 mb ram
20 gb,
I need to know how i can improve the performance, this is terrible!!!

Please help


Which motherboard model do you have? you might want to try and disable the onboard video i the bios.
Post your scores..and remember your not gonna have huge gains since it's a PCI card and not AGP, also what resolutions were you testing at.


How do i disable the onboard video from the bios?

I dont remember excatly, but i got scores around 935 ... i tested @ 1024x768 and 800x600 ..32bit

Also, since i installed the ATI drivers etc, my screen goes slightly blurry for a few seconds from time to time...

just go into your bios screen and look for a section called special features, or integrated peripherals or anything else that might have it..just go through till you find onboard video and disable it completely


Still no luck. Ive already disabled everything from the bios and all that. The card works in windows without any conflicts, however the performance is teriibly slow. The frames per second are slow and less, the graphics are good.......

Serious sam was like hell....
3d mark was like hell....
Quake 3 was smooth.....

ny clues on why this is happenin???? The card should be working at its best, yet its not....

Also, could it be because of my 127 mb ram or my low memory of hard disk space??? cause i only have like 491 mb free.....

Help me out here, thanks



i810 mobo?

I thought i810 mobos didn't have agp slots?

Edit: Correct.

Just reread your original post and it quite clearly states the gfx card is PCI. Doh! :)


k, im fed up with these posts repeatedly concentrating on the fact that the card is pci and not agp....that makes less sense....

The card has great potential even though its pci, but on my pc it runs ugly with low frame rates, i think its because of my motherboard(intel i810) ...it simply sux and is not meant for gaming use.....

As for agp and pci, well theres a minute difference between agp and pci cards, not that noticable, but this was rediculous. Therefore, now im returning that card, ill wait for a complete computer upgrade and then buy a powerful card later....

too bad ppl couldnt help...

I'm sorry we couldn't help you out man...but there is a LARGE difference between AGP and PCI...not a minute one...AGP slots run upwards of 4 times faster then a PCI slot...and then you have to add in that a AGP card supports 8 addressable sidebands so it can process concurrent tasks while a PCI card cannot..also a AGP card has Direct Memory Execute (DIME) which allows it to directly manipulate ram to load textures..

Your scores were horrible for a PCI card yes...but they would never remotely come close to that of an AGP version.

I also did some checking around on bechmark sites...I couldn't find a benchmark of a PCI version but I found a couple of the AGP version of your card...on Serious Sam second Encounter your card at 1024 by 768 32 bit got an average of 20FPS....and that was the AGP version...and that was on a 1ghz pentium....your only running 700mhz...and it's the PCI version...so it is very possible those are the correct scores and that it isn't a problem per se...sorry man

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