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problem with MS Office 2003


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i had office 2007 beta btr2 installed on my machine here at the office. since this has expired i have uninstalled this completely. then installed full install of office 2003.

after the install i am having some trouble with Outlook. i have multiple problems actually. when doing a send/received i get this error

when reply to all i get this error message

i also cannot see my domain address book. i can see email addy's ive used in the past when try to send a new email. like if you type in a specific letter you can see all the email addy's that start with that letter.

i have uninstalled 2003 and reinstalled with all the updates and what not. im at a loss as to what to do. thanks.

BTW i can open Outlook express just fine w/o any errors. flawless!


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they have great ideas but none of which fixed the problem. of things they said to try, i now get this as an error when doing a send/receive.

reported error (0x80004005)

the reply all still gives an error and i found printing doesnt work. tells me that the messaging service is not working correctly...

i hate MS


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fixed the problem. i had to create a new pst for my account. once this was done no more errors!!!

thanks for the help KC!
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