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Problem with Log iTouch and Apple iTunes

I was playing around with getting Apple iTunes to work with my Logitech iTouch multimedia keys. After restarting iTouch (for it to detect iTunes), I decided to give it a try. The keys work, but when I press the play/pause button on my keyboard, Winamp (5 alpha) pops up, while the music is being paused/played in iTunes. Also I can't use the buttons when the program is out of focus or minimized.
I tried to add this line to the iTouch players.ini file:
iTunes=wac,iTunes.exe,xxx,Apple iTunes,xxx,xxx,xxx,xxx,xxx,xxx,0,1,Apple iTunes
But that didn't help.
Does anyone how to prevent Winamp from starting? And, does anyone know how to make the iTunes program the default application to start when the Play/Pause button is pressed? Other than uninstalling Winamp 5 of course, I want to leave it for a while, until I am fully satisfied with iTunes (what won't take long, I am sure of that :)).

Does anyone know of a manual for players.ini for the Logitech iTouch software? There is a short manual at the top of the file, which looks like this:
#List of supported players
But I don't know what all those abbreviations mean and what you have to fill in at wndClass and wndCaption.
Hmm, spoke a little to soon. Go to this registry entry:
[HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Logitech\iTouch\Current Version]
Where you will find:
Change C:\Path\To\file.exe to whatever you want and it works!

But, one problem remains: I can't use the multimedia keys when the program is out of focus or minimized. Any way to do it? It worked with Winamp.
Then there are some oddities with the play/pause button:
When the program is minimized or out of focus, and I press the play/pause button, the icon in the taskbar is flashing for attention, but nothing happens.
When the program is in focus, and I press the play/pause button, it takes 4-5 seconds for the program to react. The stop and previous and next buttons work immediately.

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