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Problem with Linksys Router and Playstation 3

I noticed when ever I sign into my PS3 account/username my linksys router seems to reset it self. It looks like all the lights turn off for a second and then back on and I lose internet for a few seconds. I have tried changing plugs , changing ports, etc.

I enabled DMZ for the ip of the ps3 ,etc,etc. I can't figure out why my router resets like this only with my ps3 unit when it logs into its account name.

Does anyone have any suggestions or experienced this before?

My router model is

Linksys wrt54g with speed boost.

Thank You,


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Hi buddy :). What version is your router? Also do you have the latest firmware?I have a linksys to but the older WRT54g no version. These are best ones I think personally. More memory, faster processor, linux os. I use WPA2 encryption and have no problems connecting my PS3 wireless.
Sorry for late reply it turns out whats causing my router to reboot is the media server connecting to the PS3. I just disabled it for the time being till I find a solution.

Thanks for trying to help though.

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