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Problem with eBay.


OSNN One Post Wonder

I am having problems with ebay. First time in years.

Ebay is asking me this:

Your account has exceeded the limit. Please update or provide your credit card information.Enter your User ID and password to continue selling.

I dont have a credit card. I use a debit card and it has been the same card for the past year. I paid seller fees over a month ago with no problems. I tried updating on the page and it asks for credit or debit card number, I type it in and it is refused. It is the right number! I cant be wrong after how many times of trying. I tried setting up the direct debit and paypal in order to continue selling but its not working at all.

What is wrong?

Please help :dead:


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welcome to ebay haha. don't do it! they just want more account numbers because there is probably a limit on that particular card.

oh yeah ... sorry ..but i have no sympathy for ebay/payal ...and would suggest not using them.


OSNN One Post Wonder
I have a eBay account and that sounds very much like a scam to me
I would watch your credit cards real close now that is a scam letter.

If you entered any info to the link someone now has all your credit card info.

When you click on the link look at the address bar what dose it say????
If it looks like this http://mail.bsb.mn/. /..paypal.com/claim/cmd-run/ it is fake.

If you receive email that includes links and requests sensitive information be cautious.

A spoof email pretending to be from eBay typically contains a link that takes you to a fake Web site that requests that you sign in and submit personal and account information.

eBay does not require you to enter information on a page that cannot be accessed from the eBay site. When possible, you should avoid clicking links. Instead of clicking the link, you should copy the address and paste it into the address bar area of your Web browser. While eBay may send email that contains links, the links are provided for convenience only. You will not be required to submit sensitive information if a direct link is provided to an eBay page.

If eBay requests information from you, a copy of that email will be in the My Messages box in My eBay. You can submit the requested information using My eBay.

eBay does not send you email that includes attachments, or ask you for your password or other sensitive information through email. For more information,
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OSNN One Post Wonder
Its not an email. I havent recieved any emails and its definately on the ebay site because I try selling stuff and it comes up with the same message. I can just log on, manage my account but not sell anything because apparently Ive reached a limit. Its not like Im selling a whole load of stuff :S

I would use other places but ebay pretty much has the monopoly and audience for selling stuff. I wouldnt mind trying out Google Checkout but thats banned and all the other alternatives, Ive never heard of before :S

Electronic Punk

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It is a blatent scam, ignore it - or forward it to ebay (can't find the specific address as ebay is blocked from work).

You should never ever enter your credit card details on a page opened from an email until you are 100% certain its safe. In IE7 (and perhaps firefox - already if not soon surely?) the address bar will turn green if the site has valid ssl credentials.

Paypal themselves even say you shouldn't logon to their site thru their own LEGIT emails, you should always type in www.paypal.com


OSNN One Post Wonder
Its not from an email!!!

Its on the ebay page!

I would be on My Ebay page and I would click Sell and it would then ask for me to update the information.

Somehow it seems to of been rectified now :/
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Electronic Punk

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Ah okay, I am in a suspect everyone phase at the moment as I just started selling.

Everyone is guilty

"And just why do you want to buy this second hand TV remote?" !!

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