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I installed Windows XP onto my computer and for the past several days it has been asking me to activate it when I log on; so I clicked yes each time it asked. Now that it says I have to activate it before I log on, but even if I hit yes, it still logs me off and refuses me access to my computer.

Is there any way that I could bypass this? Or at least a way to access my desktop so I CAN access it again. I've been thinking about reformating, but I really don't want to do that again, if I don't have too.

Windows XP Professional btw.
is this a legal storebought copy of XP? or a download copy? and ahve you tried booting into safemode then clicking the yes button to activate?
It is storebought, and yes I've gone into safe mode and tried to activate it, but it tells me that it is not able to activate it in safe mode, that I need to go into normal mode to activate it.
damn them....M$...even with a store bought copy giving headaches.
Yep, screw MS. I've paid for my fair share of MS products.

I was lucky enough to get a Corporate edition of XP PRO from an IT buddy.

No activation key BS.
yeah got my corp from a guy selling out of his trunk....don't know why it says memorex on it does yours?:D

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