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Problem with abrupt shutdowns very often



Very unusual problem, my WindowsME crashed and my HD was not being recognized at all, so I installed the WindowsXP Profession Evaluation Copy(build 2600) and it was working great. I made 4 partitions, 3 3 GB ones for OSs(still only have XP at the moment) and one 25 GB one for applications/games. It worked fine 2 days ago, but yesterday it started randomly shutting down completely and powering off. I have no clue what the problem is, I thought it was heat but the timing is too consistant, and as I type this it has stayed on for 20 or 30 minutes, unusual. It was almost to the pattern where it would stay on for however long I left it off up to 30-45 minutes max before it shut back down. If anyone else has had this problem and knows how to fix it, please reply. Thanks.
go into your system options and under startup and recovery make sure you have automatically restart turned off. that way you will get the blue screen that will tell us what error you are truly getting. and we can help from there :)


I'm having the same problem. I had XP running for several months, then it started doing the shutdown thing. I reverted back to 98SE for a short time and only decided to try XP again a couple of weeks ago. Now, everytime I think its going to run fine, it craps out on me in a couple of days. It works like a champ for a few days, then unexpected shutdown after shutdown. No heat problems that I can find, no hardware compatibility problems, no viri, no idea.
Here's what I've got: ASUS A7M266 MB, 2-256meg DDR RAM(512 meg total), Athlon 1.4, HP CD burner, GeForce 2 MX video card, Kingston 10/100 for my DSL, Maxtor 80 gig HD (100ATA, 7200 rpm). CPU temp runs a steady 130 degrees F, case temp is always at 90. I'm running Win XP Pro and Office XP Pro, Norton 2001, and I have the latest drivers and Bios (have also tried using older drivers and Bios, but same results).
Any help would certainly be appreciated.



i bet i know

u said ur using norton 2001? im 90% sure it is causing some issues, 2001 is not compatible with xp.


If not Norton 2001, then what's a good (and compatible) anti virus?

I also think I've licked my shutdown problem. I disabled my screensaver and turned off hibernate...again. I think I've turned hibernate off more than once before, but it keeps getting turned on somehow. Anyway, one of those 2 may have been the culprit as I've had no more mysterious shutdowns since then (knock on wood). One of these days I'll turn the screen saver back on and see if XP still wants to behave. Thanks for the help and if there is a prefered anti virus, please do tell.



sorry i forgot to say that hehe.

just get norton 2002, it works great in xp.....:cool:

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