problem w/ playlist advance in wmp9

I'm using the latest version of wmp9 and I output movies and tv shows to my tv using the secondary display feature on my Geforce2 MX 400. I've got it set to fullscreen the video on the secondary display. It works fine for playing one file at a time but when I queue up a list of files it will alternate between fullscreening and not fullscreening from file to file. It didn't have this problem with wmp8 and it doesn't have the problem with players like powerDVD. PowerDVD has somewhat of a slow transition between files so I am thinking maybe wmp9 advances from file to file too quickly or something. If i manually advance the playlist it stays fullscreened, its only when it auto advances that it does the alternating thing. I'm trying to see if anybody knows a way to maybe slow down the playlist advancing or something. I've tried other drivers for the vid card with no luck. Any help would be appreciated. Thank you.

King Ratt

WMP9 still has some bugs, this is probably one of them.

I've noticed when playing DVDs, if I try to advance the slide bar at the bottom, no matter where I put it, the DVD will start over once I've placed it.

Also when playing MP3s from a data CD, the length of the MP3 is not displayed correctly.

Like I'll have a song that's 5 minutes long and the counter will display 0:36 as the length of the song. The slide bar will move to the end of 36 seconds and stop, but the song keeps playing normally.

I think they just fixed the major bugs and whipped it out to the public.

I've got WMP9 on my laptop right now, but I'm gonna keep WMP8 on my desktop. At least until they fix the bugs.
I used to have those problems with the beta, have you updated to the latest version? It seems to be pretty bug free for me, except when fullscreening it on a secondary display :-\

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