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Problem [thread title was changed]

xps gay xps gay

im trying to install my sims and everytime i go to my comptuer when i have sims it does "not responding"and same when i press explore.. SOMEONE HELP ME!!!!!!!! and also IE still won't display some pics sometimes......


I may actually be insane.
Make your thread titles descriptive
The more accurate your thread title is the greater the likelyhood of a positive response. Define the characteristics of your question in the body, as well as the goal you wish to achieve.
I dont think that "xps gay xps gay" is a very imformative topic, do you? It just seems very immature.

As for your problem do you allow the CD to auto-run? or are you just trying to open it in explorer straight after putting it in the drive?
As i remember the sims has Safedisc copy protection on it......not saying your trying to back it up:eek: but it may be the reason why your drive does not like the disc, trouble shooting guide Here .

What happens when the disc is in the drive and you go to run and type D:setup ....anything ? D <whatever letter you use.
Do you mean SIMMS (single in line memory modules) as these have to be installed in matched pairs?

Or DIMMS (dual in-line memory modules) installed singularly.

I notice that as people post, if they post directly under the original post, the post count is wrong.

Tonight in the UK there is a partial eclipse of the moon starting at 03:00hrs GMT so lets stay awake or at least someone stay awake with a digital camera.

I’m scheduled to expire tomorrow.

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