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problem reinstalling WIN XP...



I need desperate help. I'm re-installing win xp for a long time but a week ago I noticed something: after formatting the partition and reinstalling windows...surprise:(! the fresh installed windows had the same settings with the one that I've just erased (also it had the same problems...lately, it doesn't respond to double-click, although the mouse works fine)...the only explanation to me remains that Micro$oft made a new type of FAT just for the essential system files. For me it seems impossible that booting from a win'98 boot disk and formatting the HDD some files to remain. This is worse than a virus!!!! A friend recommended me to plug out the PC while it is formatting the drive...is it wise?
I need help
Thank you!

Hipster Doofus

Good grief Charlie Brown
What do you mean by 'plug out the PC'?

If you insert the xp cd & boot up you will be able to format the drive from there. Make sure you format & not reinstall.

Delete the partition first then format then reinstall.



After loading base drivers from the installation screen, the drive selection screen will appear.

Highlight whatever partition you want to install to and press the "D" button to delete it, followed by the "L" button on the next screen to confirm deletion.

I'd recommened choosing NTFS for the new filesystem when asked (so much better.... so many more options).

Good Luck

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