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Problem installing 2nd NIC card

ok, I have a linksys card installed in my com puter. I wanted to connect a 2nd card in order to network. I install the card phisically with no problem, but when XP tries to install the driver (or I do it manually) it has a problem. It tells me that there was a problem (code 1). I know it is not the card being faulty becsause I tried it with a third card that I know works. I tried moving it to different PCI slots and nothing. Any suggestions would be helpfull thanx
First thing I would do is goto Microsoft web page and find out what the error code means !!!!

I have two NIC cards installed and have no trouble at all !!

( not trying to be snotty ! )

If you're trying to use to older cards they may require the same exact resources and you won't get them to work. Get a different card and try it.

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