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Problem forwarding ports.


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My cable company provided me with a wireless router/cable modem combo for my new install. It doesn't support port forwarding out of the box, I had to call the tech support line and get the administrator password to set it up. After configuring the port forwarding and saving, uTorrent still reports as being unconnectable. I've tried multiple ports all with the same result. The only way I was able to make my system connectable was to put it's IP into the DMZ setting of the router. I'm pretty sure that the DMZ option isn't exactly smart, but I can't figure this out. Do you think I just have a bad router? What else could be causing this?


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DMZ just means that all traffic that hits the router hits that IP address within your network. It can be a security risk since it exposes all your ports and blocks nothing.
You may need to set triggering as well as forwarding. Setup is different between router brands so post the exact model and maybe someone has one and has beaten it into submission.

If you leave DMZ open make sure you have a software firewall on the PC that is DMZ'd. Also make sure the IP set for DMZ is static not dynamic. My DMZ jumps ship ater power outages depending on which PC reboots first.


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Hey BouncingSoul, check out http://portforward.com/

They have detailed guides on how to manually port forward, also have info on port triggering, and they even have a program that will port forward for you. Although I've never tried the program.


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I've looked through that page before. My generic ass router isn't on the list so I can't get a step by step guide to forwarding for my router. I have enough experience so it shouldn't be this difficult. I read through the guide on port triggering and it doesn't make any sense to me. I have a Trigger Range column and a Target Range column and have no idea what goes where.
You don't really need to use port triggering for µTorrent.

If the router supports UPnP, µTorrent will automatically open and close the ports as required, so it won't need any configuration on your part. If it doesn't support UPnP, you need to manually forward incoming traffic to the listening port specified in the µTorrent connection settings to the internal IP address of the machine that µTorrent is running on. From what you mentioned in your first post, it seems like you did the right thing. Could you post a screenshot of your router's port forwarding page with the settings that you filled in?


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How do you find out if the router supports UPnP? I've always left it enabled in uTorrent but portforward.com says that UPnP should be disabled. Either way the port isn't opened for me. Anyway, here is the screenshot. A couple of things are really different on this one as opposed to the Linksys's I've used in the past. On my linksys I forward the port to my 192.168.x.x address. In this one I have to forward it to my actual IP. Also it asks me for an internal port, I've never been asked for that and have no clue what it is. I have it at 1000 for no reason what so ever; as it appears to be useless.



Stranger Than Fiction
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It's working. I changed 2 things, I gave myself a static IP and I changed that internal port to 0. I don't know what part made it work and I'm not going to try to figure it out cause I'll probably break it if I do. Thanks for all your help.

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