probably wouldn't believe i did this even if you saw it.


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Well..... you probably WOULDN'T believe me if you saw it.... but you'd probably end up trying it out at one point or another if you're one lazy bastard like me. lol.

So..... i was sittin here at my computer thinkin "how can i make stuff look neat, and cool pretty damn well?". well.... my first idea was "hmm.... let's put a 120mm fan in the back of my case.... in place of the 92mm that's there". so... i took the fan out, along with it's screwless mounting bracket.... then thought "aaw hell..... i don't want to have to take everything out of my case right now and drill all the holes i need for it to mount, as well as get all the airflow it needs.". so i sat there thinking...... i looked down..... and saw a quick and easy workaround (probably at least until my turn comes up in the eVGA Step-Up queue.... since i more than likely will be without a computer for approximately a week.... and will probably redo some wiring and stuff in my case at that time). can anyone guess said workaround?


yep.... that's right. not only is velcro good for holding cathode light power inverters in your case.... it's also quite a good source for a temporary fan mount until laziness subsides. PLUS, also seems to have the added bonus of being a vibration dampener.... i think. The 120mm fan seemed to make an interesting difference though. instead of reducing CPU temp by quite a bit (which i thought would be the case due to the fact that the 120mm fan is only inches from the butt-end of the Freezer 64 Pro), it actually reduced my MOBO temp by quite a bit, and keeps it pretty damn cool (since the A8N-SLi Premium has the passive chipset cooler with the heatpipe and heatsink by the IO ports). when i was just copying a DVD, my CPU temp actually got higher than my mobo temp by a degree or two. Too bad i don't know how to work with acrylic very well.... otherwise i'd try to make a funnel around the CPU fan and 120mm fan, with an open bottom so it still pulls air across the motherboard's heatsink.

So yeah.... Velcro works better than even I had expected for holding on fans. attached a pic. sorry about the darkness... but a) it's dark, and b) flash woulda pretty much eliminated the light from the LED's on the fan.



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like i said.... once i'm eligible to complete the eVGA Step-Up Program process, i'll basically be computerless for about a week. that's when i'll more than likely fix up the wiring.... find where i wanna put my UV cathodes, that i've now had for about a month, just sittin in the case at random positions....... probably also gather the energy to cut out more air holes and mount that fan the RIGHT way..... u know.... all that stuff one is usually too lazy to do when the computer still works.

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My wiring is OK, but I'm not entirely happy with it. I want it cleaner but don't want to goto the extreme of making cables and such.

I put my cathode in a support bar that runs across the case. Its a squared C shape so it works nicely. :)

It's in the bar with the tie wraps:

I also put a switch for it and the Thermaltake logo on the front. (Installed 4 switched, but only the 1st and 3rd do anything):



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ElementalDragon said:
Too bad i don't know how to work with acrylic very well.... otherwise i'd try to make a funnel around the CPU fan and 120mm fan, with an open bottom so it still pulls air across the motherboard's heatsink.
For the man who uses velcro but can't work acrylic...

Think Duct Tape and card board.



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Do people still use all sorts of lighting in their boxes? I'm not trying to 'hate' as it were just thought this was a fad that passed.


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I only have 1 light in my case... Its the one that came on the case fan in the case itself... Its blue and only shines thropugh the front.. It looks good though
i wasn't gonna get any cathodes.... but then i thought "what the hell... let's make my PSU cables glow.". so... yeah.... got a Dual 12" UV cathode kit. still haven't found out where i wanna put them (project #3... probably after the 120mm fan..... and around the same time as the wiring). can't believe how bright the LED's are on the case fan i got though..... surprisingly bright, especially when you can see the shine of it on a wall that's like.... almost 10ft. away.

as for duct-tape and cardboard....... yes... i may have used velcro to temporarily hold on a 120mm fan...... but there's no chance in hell i'm gonna go THAT ghetto on my rig. lol.

and.... my wiring isn't actually that bad looking when the side panel is on. the top of the round window in the side of my case only goes maybe.... 2-3 inches higher than the support bar going across the case.... so the vast majority of the wiring is hidden.


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Ha :(
You dissapoint me :)
Nah jk i'd never do that, plus my case came with a fan duct... i dont need anymore, plus i can make one from molding plastic :)

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