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Probably a stupid question but here goes...



Forgive me for such a stupid question:eek: but this is really bugging me...the icons on my desktop have a little box with an arrow in them(it kind of curves and is found on the edge of almost every icon) and I'm wondering if I can make them go away?? Also, have they always been there and I am just noticing them now. :eek: Someone suggested that they are always there and I just can't remember ever seeing them. The funny thing is that not all of them have the arrow....the shortcuts to Disk defrag., disk cleanup, IE, and Kazaa light have the arrows but my recycle bin and unused desktop shortcuts don't have them!!?? Anyone with any suggestions or advice please help!! thanks guys, cscally :( :eek: :confused:


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Well any short cuts that you make or a program makes to the desktop as the arrow. As to get rid of them I would suggest XP Powertoys but be careful how and what you do with them. The main one you want is Tweak UI

XP PowerToys

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If you want to do through the registry go here>
HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT\lnkfile (That's an L as in Lnkfile)
Rename the 'IsShortcut' to 'IsShortcutNot' or you can delete it.


Hey guys, problem is when I went into the Tweakui powertoy and changed the display shortcut to No Arrow my icons now look all fuzzy. What are your thoughts??? Will the registry tweak do the same thing Hipster?? Please advise again. Thanks for your thoughts guys. cscally

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Don't know why they went fuzzy???? Anyway go to the registry setting & change the name to 'IsShortcutNot'. See what happens. You can always change it back.
Change TweakUI back first.


Hey hipster, that did it. Well, not really that simple. I don't know why the icons got all fuzzy but I uninstalled TweakUI and then had to do a system restore and that got rid of the fuzziness. I then did what you suggested to the registry and TA-DA....all is good! I hated those little arrows. Thanks for always being so concise and fast to reply. It is appreciated by this under XP-erienced poster. thanks again!!

Hipster Doofus

Good grief Charlie Brown
No problemo. One thing to keep in mind with renaming it is that sometimes, possibly when installing something, the arrows reappear. You just have to rename it again.

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