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prob viewin threads

when i click on a link to view a thread
it takes me like half way into the thread
not the very first post
...anyone know y?
how i could make it go to the very first post everytime?


OSNN Godlike Veteran
If you click on the thread title it should bring you to the 1st thread. If you click on the arrow to the right it will bring you to the last post in the thread.

Perris Calderon

Staff member
Political User
if you click on the arrow pointing down, it will take you to the first unread post

plus, we are able to directly link you to specific posts on any thread...one of these things is what's happening toyou
if i just click on the thread name
it takes me to a post somewhere in the thread( assuming its prolly the last read post)
shouldn't it take me to the very first post if i click on the thread name?

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