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Hi Guys,

I would like to know if it possible to setup a private bittorrent network. Maybe something that someone needs to type in a password to join. Certainly something that won't come up in search engines, as these are my own private files/pics. I have a genereal idea of how Bittorrent works, but nothing concrete.

Can this be done?




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Yes. You can make it so that the tracker will not connect unless the person is registered. I don't know the details on how this is accomplished, but I do know it can be done.


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Why torrent?

I am just curious, as a personal file server, with users set up individually and modern DSL speeds, is fast. (I did it from my home computer once)


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What you'd want is a tracker based on the TorrentBits code. Many of the best private trackers I've used like TorrentBits, Elitetorrents, and a couple others that don't advertise themselves use it.

It's funny. Searching on google for "torrentbits tracker" gives an OSNN thread as it's first hit.

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