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Printing Problems: HP 1600 never prints to specified tray!


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Hey guys,

I'm becoming increasingly frustrated with this mess that's being experienced right now with this printer problem. I am attempting to setup an HP Laserjet 1600 Printer in someone's office. Initially I tried adding the printer to the server to let the server handle it, and then would access it from the user's computer. I would setup two instances of the printer using the same port; one for plain paper, and one for letterhead. I would then specify that under Plain, Tray 3 is not installed, and for printing defaults paper should always print to tray 2 when using that printer session. For Letterhead, Tray 3 is installed, and should only print to Tray 3.

Here's the first problem:

When I install it on the users computer, the source is always set to Auto, never what I set from the server. I have to manually set each session to print to their respective trays.

Second problem:

Test pages work fine. However, when printing from word, even when VERIFYING that the appropriate tray is set, for some reason documents always print to tray 3.

I was completely unable to find a PCL5 driver for the 1600, so I've been using the ones that are on HP's website. This is becoming a huge problem. Now I have to instruct the user that they have to remove tray 3 before they want to print to plain paper. Can someone please help me??


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whereas I think the printer has not properly setting up due to some causes. However, you have to uninstall your printer then reinstall your hp printer. Follow the instructions which have provided to you about this matter.


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