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Printing on a network



I have a desktop on XP connected to a Kyocera FS-600 printer. I have just networked with my laptop (also on XP). Sharing files is no problem, but when I try to print from my laptop to the printer nothing happens. An error message comes up and if I open the printer folder, the document is just waiting there. A test page can't be printed either. Everything prints fine from the desktop.

It's not the printer at fault because I get the same problem if I try to print to Winfax on the desktop!

The XP troubleshooter can't sort it - what's the problem?


Ensure the printer is shared with the appropriate print permissions.
Also, if your laptop does not run WinXP make sure you have installed compatibility drivers for the print device on the print server (XP).


did you install xp on top of a different OS with the PC you are printing from? Seems to be a comon problem if you upgrade with XP. I had to do a fresh install in order for mine to work. i think there were conflicting drivers in the upgrade



Both machine had XP installed from the word go!

As far as I know the printer has all print permissions.

It's not as if it won't let me select the shared printer (or Winfax).

I can send the document to either of these - it just doesn't get there!

I reckon it's something to do with the network.

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When you try and print from the laptop,in the printer properties is it definitely pointing to a network path and not a local port ?

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Sorry for asking the obvious, it's just when I installed my printer on my second machine even though it was through a network xp insisted it should print to lpt1 :(


I'm no expert, I've only been on XP for a fortnight, and only on a network for a week.

Forgive me for sounding thick, but surely I don't need to install the printer driver onto the laptop do I?

Doesn't the desktop sort the jargon out using its printer driver so that the printer can understand it?

Maybe there are some network settings that can be tweaked to sort it??????????

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Well, when you install the printer and chose from a network, xp should copy the files from the other machine.

if you look at the ports section of your printer properties it should be ticked right a the bottom and say something like \\desktop\epson Lan manager printer port

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