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Printing from internet problem


Village Idiot
I have no trouble printing from MS Word or PDF files but when I come to printing from the internet this is where my problems start.

Iam running Vista Ultimate 32 bit.

When ever I try to print from websites or my e-mails from Gmail, the printer dialogue box comes up but always says no documents to print.

I tried disabling my Kaspersky internet security, but to no avail.

Any kind soles have any ideas

Many thanks


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I'm not really sure that is a good/permanent solution, as you definitely shouldn't disable Protected Mode and you definitely don't need to so you can print web pages.

Can you please post a screenshot of the actual error, and/or any particular messages from the event viewer on your PC when you try to print?


Village Idiot
I have re-enabled Protected mode as suggested.

There are no error message coming up as such. When clicking on print the Printer icon appeared on the taskbar but always says "no documents pending"

As for the Event viewer I have had a quick look through it (although my knowledge of it is very limited) and I cannot see any errors apppertaining to printing.

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