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printer problem on home network



I have a home network..the hub is controlled by a Win ME computer.When trying to print off the printer.It takes the system forever to recognize the printer an print on it. This problem only happens when going from XP to the ME hub....the other ME computers on the network all print in a second. How can I get XP to speed up the recognition of the printer across the network...Thanx your help is greatly appreciated...
Is it possible to move the printer to the XP computer? Would solve a lot of the problem right there. How is your Win Me exactly controlling a hub? What kind of hub is it? Never heard of a normal home network hub being able to be controlled, as far as I know they ain't.
Have you installed the drivers that are for XP and not the same drivers as for the ME machines? Or did you just print to the printer that automaticaly turns up in the printer dialog when it's found?

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