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wn van deursen

Halfway through installing a Brother HL1440 Laserprinter I discovered that the driver is not compatible with XP. (Also, the XP Wizard Install kept bleating through the whole process) I de-installed, and tried installing again from XP's point of view. At one time I got the notice that a file from the Brother cdrom was needed; please type the path... I tried anything related to Q:\ (my CDstation), but I'm not great on Pathology so I got no result. On the Brother website I found a drive designed for XP, I downloaded it, but now I don't know how to 'glue' the 27 equal-looking files (or one of them but which?) into the printer install process. I gave up and tried to remove anything from Brother from my DIR & Registry, but the balloon "New Hardware Found" keeps popping up... Is this Brother Printer such an ancient model that it can't work on XP?? Considering what I payed for it I certainly expected no problems here!
I've installed HL1440:s in XP myself so that is not a problem.
1. Download the XP driver from the Brother site.
2. Unpack it into a folder.
3. When the "New Hardware" pops up, point it to look in the folder you unpacked the drivers in (or a subfolder, whichever contains the .inf file).
4. Select HL1440 in the list.
5. Windows installs the drivers. It may complain a little. ;)
6. Voila!

wn van deursen

re printer install mess

Zedric, one more question:
Printer works now, and not through your directions but by simply using the Brother cdrom again, and a parallel connection i.o. the usb that comes with the machine, don't know it that did the trick.
Installation actually ran like a cossack fig through an old granny to quote Terry Pratchett and actually I didn't know what to do with this extraspecial XP driver. I gave it a click anyway, something got during a second in gear but nothing else happened. But now everytime when I prompt a doc for printing the message appears: "There's not enough space on your harddisk, make room". A simple OK makes it go away. In the meantime the print's lying there already. So why do I get this warning? (I checked Properties to see if space on C:\ is crowded, but it isn't)
I had a similar problem with another printer, HL1250 I think (very similar). If I used the driver on the CD it said Coding Incompatible or something everytime I printed. But it still printed. This could be a similar thing. Uninstall the driver and install the printer again using the XP driver from the homepage.

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