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preventing application from running fullscreen


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I've got an older application that opens in fullscreen without an option for resizing it. Is there a way I can make it run in a custom sized window? I'm thinking of how you run a gaming console emulator and load the games inside taht window. Is there something simple like that to make it work? Legal and free, please. :)

Major reps for a solution. ;)


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Not sure. How can I tell?

I checked the properties of the executable, but no info there. ???

My guess would be 32-bit.


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It's just an old puzzle game that is still fun to play. It's just annoying that it runs full screen. It temporarily changes the resolution to 800x600 while it's running. If I could run it inside an emulator of some kind then it could be separate from everything else.


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Try this...

Right click the shortcut for your game
Shortcut tab
Run: Change to Normal Window

If it is an EXE file. Right click the file itself, choose Properties, go to the Compatibility tab, and change display settings.

(This works for CMD and BAT as well)

i.e. Check the box for 640x480.

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