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Prefork or work for apache on linux?

Dark Atheist

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After reading a few articles (one by a member of this site ;)) i have been looking into MPM modules for apache on linux, some have said if you have the memory go for prefork if you dont have the memory go for worker.

Could you use worker even if you do have the memory? is there any benifit or performance gains?

System has 8gb ram in it and will only be accessable by a few people, just wondering before i set up mod_fcgi.


PHP supported
PHP is NOT recommended to work with multithreaded Apache2(worker MPM and WinNT MPM, for example), because some PHP extensions( or 3rd party library they are using) are not guaranteed thread-safe. PHP running with FastCGI mode is a solution to this problem.

seems after some more research its a no and i should stay with prefork

Dark Atheist

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i know i read it on your blog - its where i got the idea from ;) , i will have to look into it more in the morning, eyes are tired and things are beginning to blur :)

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