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the most outrageous thing I ever did...(that I would admit to)

when I was about 16, I worked for the n.y. city parks dept.

My friends and me were gardening just under one of those huge bronze staues that commemorate some event, (this particular statue was an obscure non event that the family donated to the park)

well, it was some chap on a horse.

We brought our industrial drill the next day, and dilled through the tip of this animals manhood.

then we used a bigger bit, and did the same thing, just under his tail.

filled the animal with water, plugged the front drill hole with a bunch of salt, and three days later, out of nowhere, the monument started to releave itself...for four days.



this one was done on me, we did have a big laugh about it after i kicked some ass :) here's what happened.

i was given a bike back in russia by couple friends. i had to get somewhere fast and didnt want to run, so they give me this bike. i start pedaling and in about 20 meter the whole thing fell apart.
first both pedals fell off then front wheel rolled away a meter ahead. also Rudder(i think that's the word) came apart, in the next few moments i was flying really good. the good thing was that i wasnt going too fast yet :)


they never told me though, were they just waiting for me, or anyone who they can get to ride it


When I was a likkle lad, my pals and I, would go into a Fish & Chip shop around 11pm, just before closing, and ask the guy behind the counter, "Have you got plenty of chips left".
He would invariably reply, Yes son".
To which we would say, "Serves your bloody right, for making so many".
Thus, I became a very good runner.

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Yea dealer that was pretty good. now i did and do a whole bunch of dumb i gotta think of something that i did that was really good...but i dont think i can do anything nearly as good as the momument...
when I was younger, about 40 years ago, some of my friends and I were hired to deliver some circulars to homes in a small town which also had the sheriffs office and jail. We stuffed the deputy's tailpipes with them ( he had 2 on his car) and chained the sheriffs car to the antenna tower next to the jail. Then one of my friends racerd there car down the highway in front of the jail. The deputy tried to catch them but his car died about 200 yards from his home. The sheriff ran out of the jail and took off only to find his rear axle lying next to the tower. It had gotten yanked out when he took off. No one got in trouble cause the sheriff never found out who did it.
well lets say...if you have seen american graffitti where they chain the cop car and take off only to have them chase them.. yep it works...but this was before the movie ever came out. and this was when all the cop cars had police intercepter engines

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Some time ago, my friends and I got our hands on a box of shotgun shells, some black gun power, which was extracted from the shells. A nice amount I would say. A old RC car, a plastic bottle, and some gasoline. Oh and a bum sleeping on a bench. Heheh.

So after a little bit of work, we rigged the car with a can filled with gun powder, a gasoline drenched rag, a fuse thinger, and to add to it all, gun powder all of the place, on the lil car that we soaked in gasoline and let dry.

Either way, the car was lit up, driven toward an sleeping hobo, who previously threw a beer bottle at me ( long story )….and well, the car was…exploded. Was one heck of a noise. We ran like crazy. This was in the evening, after dark, in a not so populated area.

Saw the bum later on, didn’t look harmed, but, it must have scared the ****te out of him…

Evil teens with too much time on their hands.

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The last practical joke i did (Tryed to anyway) got me aressted...
when i was 15, Me and a couple of my friends went home from a studio, and one of them decided it will be funny to cause a little fire (eeek)...
he lighted up a dumpster filled with wood near a wood factory, 2 seconds later a police car that was patrolling the area saw us, and arrested us all.
It was really fun to call my dad at 04:00 and getting him to come to the police station... I got of with a warning and singed a paper that said that if i get into any trouble til I'm 18 they will take it to court...
my friend... well we never saw him again :D, j/k he got a police record, and a bitting from his dad.

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hehhe I never got busted for anything.

Oh: One more thing. I took a pee on a cop car once :) While my friend was bull****ting the cop, I did my stuff, on the back of the car. Not nice, don't quite remember why I did it, but I did. I was under the influence of the song by Rage Against the Machine - F*** the police. It's a little mean tho ( but based toward a certain kind of police, not all ) , thinking about it now, I know some people who are in law enforcement and are really

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Oh yeah , i forgot... My nickname for the entire high-school years was "Benny the criminal" ,they even did a song... I hated it!! :D

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