PPL NEED HELP !! about upload stream .. how to limit it in XP ??

Discussion in 'Windows Desktop Systems' started by Jaffa, Feb 14, 2002.

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    Ok ppl listen up ... i need to limit my uppload stream from 30kb/s -> 10kb/s the question is HOW ??? cuz i usse a CAble connection and when i download something ... Downstream speed is 230kb/s , but when someone start to download some stuff from me (UPL 30kb/s) my downloads goes down about from 230kb/s -> 30kb/s ... and i need to limit my uppstream line to 10kb/s then my donwloads will be again 230kb/s ... is there any software the can limit my uppstream line ???? cmon ppl i know u got something for this ... nothing is not imposible ... :D
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    Sorry, but i don't think bandwidth throttling is possible with XP or ICS. I think some 3rd party proxy software may allow that, but XP and/or ICS cannot.

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    What file sharing program are you using? Most of the file sharing programs will allow you to limit bandwidth for uploads as well as limit the number of users that can upload from you at the same time.
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    Im using a "Direct Connect " sharing program ....