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PowerToys Rebuild Icon Messed Up?

I installed the new powertoys TweakUI.... after I clicked Ok all my icons turned ugly.... they've all gone to 256 color!!!! i set my display driver to show 16-bit... now the icon will only get better if I set the display to 24-bit or higher... do anybody have the same problem ? could anybody offer me any solution? i really need to run in 16-bit because PowerDVD won't play in 24-bit on my laptop...


Yeah I had the same problem. I havn't tried the new version but if you had problems with it then I won't bother..

It puts your icons into 256 colour mode even though you are working in 16bit mode. if you switch to 32bit then they will come back and look nice again..

I was stuck with it for a while and even tried re-installing XP over the current installation but it didn't repair it (thats what I hate about re-installing OS's.. it should put it back to whats on the CD, not what it thinks is best.. (thats my winge for the day)..

any I recently found a little tweak program called Customer XP


which has an option to change the icon colour format.. it only repairs MOST of the icons (certainly all the ones on your desktop, menus and taskbar) but some don't get done.. It has a 10 day trail licence but it is good enough to get you icons back to how they should be..

hope this helps.. good too see microsoft actually test their software before release.


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the main problem I think is that all the nice XP icons and the one you download are 32bit color. I know this cause I've edited a few of them and they are always shown 32bit color. If your desktop was running at 16bit it sometimes dumps them to 256 color like Black said. It also might be resetting your video driver settings? Set your desktop to 32bit true/highest color then drop it down to 16bit and see if it sticks. Try the tweekUI "rebuild icons" option and see if they repair themselves.

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I had the same problem.
But this tweak i found solved it.

Start regedit, and look for:

[HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Control Panel\desktop\WindowMetrics]
"Shell Icon BPP"="32" <-- should be "16"
"Shell Icon Size"="32"

So, just change
"Shell Icon BPP"="32" in to
"Shell Icon BPP"="16"
and restart your pc.

Note: allway's backup your registry before making changes!

Or you could use this reg file

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