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power supply...


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Hey...i was wondering what is a good power supply? I need 2 of them both are older computers they have 900mhz porcessors. I cant tell u much cause the person is doesnt know much about computers. I know they dont have much in them so it prob doesnt need to be a high powered power supply.
I really like (and own two of) the Kingwin KWI-series power supplies. They have the best price/quality ratio. Raidmax is decent too, but not as nice as Kingwin.
Get an Antec 300W if the user doesn't intend to upgrade the computers. To keep the price down watch for specials on newegg or for sales locally.

Raidmax is second rate (at best) and Kingwin I never heard of. The one thing that can fry your entire PC in an eyeblink is the power supply so do not skimp on them. If an Antec supply fries your computer they will replace the parts damaged.

Enermax is another quality alternative but harder to find than Antec.


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i personally run antec in everything i own, and everything i build for customers, if they want a sexy looking custom case, i even go to replace the stock powersupply with a antec, i usually go the trupower 480w route. i like to think ahead for expandability. Howerver this PC is only a 380.

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