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Power Button

I have this new pc that I just built. When I press the power button the CPU heat sink fan and the HD spin for 3 secs and then shut down. Anyone have any idea whats wrong? Did I hook up the power button wrong? I tried differnt varations.

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If it is powering up it probably isn't the button. Try unplugging what you can then try to power up again. Sounds like some piece of hardware playing up.


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A bit more info on the pc might help.

Sounds like a power problem (or lack of), what is the rating of your PSU, including the AMPS of the 12+V and 5+V rails? This problem can also occur if the CPU is dead or a MB fault. Try swapping out the RAM and graphics for known working models to narrow down the cause.


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I had this problem and it drove me nuts!!! What I found was that my thermal probe for my front display was shorting or something on my HS or cpu..... (sounds bad I know). When I moved the thermal strip or removed it completely the computer booted just fine. Now you may not have a thermal probe.... so just check for something that could be shorting somewere.
Could also be the BIOS not detecting the fans spinning or temps the way it wants and shuts down. Make sure the cpu fan is connecter to the cpu fan header and not the case fan header or something. A bios reset may also help.
make SURE the heatsink is making good contact with the proc. if not, this will occur in order to prevent cpu damage, a failsafe if u will. this is the case most of the time.

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