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Post your funny bugs here

In the long line of 'Post your (insert subject) here' threads, here's another one:
As long as there is software, there are bugs. Some bugs are funny, some bugs are dangerous, there are bugs that are annoying etc. I wanna talk about the funny ones. It doesn't matter if they are bugs from games (pc and console), operating systems, other software or even hardware, as long as they are funny. I'll start:

Gran Turismo 3 (PlayStation 2)
This is a funny one. I don't think this is actually a bug, but because of the simple fact that the PS2 has a bit too little memory (well not a bit, maybe some megabits or so). But bug or no bug, here it comes: Go to a race and make sure you take the Laguna Seca track, the simplest thing to do, is to go to an Arcade race. Make sure you have opponents, otherwise you won't see the bug. Race your race and win (that is not so important, but you'll notice the bug better then). In the replay, when the cars are at the 3rd or 4th curve, the camera follows the centralized (your) car and when the centralized car is past the camera, it moves up a bit. Now you must pay attention to your car when it goes under the bridge, the car will reflect the bridge as usual, but now notice the other (non-centralized) cars. They have the same reflection as the centralized car, although they are far away from the bridge! This bug is also in other tracks with objects you drive under, like bridges, flags, tunnels etc.

You think you have a funny bug? Post it here!


One bug that I saw in GTA3 was that, I was speeding down the road in my cheetah and I saw this cop car, half in the wall and half showing ! I was thinking, what the f**k !


The only bug I can think of is in the Japanese version of Tekken Tag Tournament on the PS2.

In practice mode you can do a infinite combo using Kazuya Mishima :D. It b l33t!

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