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post your fav quick recipe.


Blame me for the RAZR's
hey all im allways in a hurry doing something but i hate eating crap food. (tv dinners, fast food, fatty snacks) so i was wondering what the cooking people of osnn do for a quick snack/meal.

here is mine.

thanks to anyone who post a recipe in advanced.

1 small bag of spiral noodles. (cooked)
1 chopped small onion.
1 chopped green bell pepper.
1 chopped tomatoe.
1 large can of chicken or tuna.
1 cup lite ranch
1/4 cup of reg ranch.
salt and pepper to taste.

mix and refridgerate for 10-20 mins. or serve warm.


I Like Cheese
Peanut butter and jelly sandwich:

Take 2 slices of bread, spread peanut butter and jelly on one slice, put the 2 pieces of bread together and eat.


The Analog Kid
Here's one I love:

Tuna ala Can

1 Can (6 or 8 Ounce) Solid Albacore Tuna

Open tuna fish can (i prefer a Good Grips can opener as opposed to those cheap can opener/bottle opener things that are good for about 8 cans before they start ripping the flesh off your hands that you pick up at the Dollar Store). It is easiest if you turn the opener clockwise.

Make sure cover is cut completely around. Do not remove.

Over a sink, apply firm, equal pressure on the lid and invert can.

Use the lid to squeeze out most of the liquid (may be oil or water, depending on your preference).

Turn can right side up and use a fork or knife to pry the lid out of the can. You can use a spoon, but in my experience this is quite difficult and will only anger you.

Dispose of lid in nearest trash recepticle. Be careful not to cut your self, the edges will be sharp.

Use a fork to eat the delicious tuna goodness from the can.
Omelette Sandwich:

My breakfast when I have time, total time to make is about 10 min if you flip the eggs early.

  • Use butter or non-stick pan
  • Small frying pan or as desired
  • 2 eggs
  • cheese, its all good
  • 2 pieces of brown or a thick bread
  • Condiments desired

  • Ginger Ale
  • Cranberry Juice

  1. crack bother eggs into a bowl, removing the yoke at this point results in less calories and a much fluffier omelette
  2. stir eggs until the yoke and white are combined, does not have to be perfect, half stirring it will result in fluffier omelette
  3. add cheese to the bowl, you can add other things to the omelette at this point too, ham or diced vegetables
  4. put the whole mess into the pan
  5. wait 5-7 min flip the partially fried egg over
  6. get bread ready, butter one side of each piece
  7. wait 5-7 min take omelette out and place on small plate
  8. put 1st slice of bread into pan butter side down, and let bake for 30 seconds
  9. repeat with second slice of bread
  10. leave the toasted sides of the bread on the outsides of the sandwich
  11. add condiments
  12. fold the egg so it fits inside the bread, I find a double folding technique works well here
  13. wash it all down with 1/3 ginger ale and 2/3 cranberry juice

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