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Possible to Kill a Video Card using Software



Anyone know if this is possible?? In case of someone who only likes to upgrade when something breaks ;)
its possible in terms of overclocking and making the card work hard enuff to fry...thats bout it tho. Never heard of a "program" frying the card.


My business doesn't grasp the concept of changing technology, they only like to replace things when they no longer work. They expect me to draw 3D models of concept parts with an onboard video card and an 8 year old Maxtor hard drive.

I attempted to overclock it beyond recognition however the display garbles when I adjust the clock frequency even by only 1 Mhz.
you need to walk into your boss' office and DEMAND a machine which will run at optimal performance for what you need it for graphically. If he expects you to work with second rate equipment, then he should expect second grade work from you. STAND UP TO DA MAN!!!!
p.s. 8 year old maxtor...ouch
aww man...that blows, better reason to do it then hehe...well sit him down and explain to him that you need better resources to do your work more effectively


Buy your own? For the sake of 100 dollars/pound you might as well buy 1 urself and stick it in when no1 is looking. Would make your life at work easier.


so are you saying you want to break the onboard video on purpose so you get a new one? by overclocking it and not fiddling with hardware?

just get a program like powerstrip, forget the address although a search on google will find it quickly enough, in the performance configuration crank the bar right up for memory and core and then hit apply,
leave it there for a few seconds and that onboard video card will be a goner...

i don't take any responsibility for your girlfriends father finding out and killing you by the way. :)

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