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Ok this is really getting to annoy me. For a while now I've been getting random port scans from the same ip address. At first these scans would occur maybe once or twice a week at most but now they're up to 3 and 4 port scans a day at times(Norton blocks the little pest for 30 mins after the scan which prob limits their tries) It doesn't seem to matter where on the web I am or what I am doing at the time of the scan but they all seem to start after I've been online for at least an hour and they only occur after 11 pm from what I've observed. I used Norton's tracking service to find out the ip address originates from somewhere in Vermont.

Is there anyway to prevent the scans other than stealthing my ports (which I already did) cuz I'm getting tired of all the warnings popping up.


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I use McAfee, and have had the same problems. I just banned the IP so no matter what it won't accept a connection from it, but I can still see it "knocking" on the door. You might also change your alert notification to high alerts only.


This is one of the reasons I chose my ISP since they're adsl w/ PPPOE. If I see suspicious activity hitting my IP all I need to do is disconnect and connect again and get assigned a new IP. Only downside to this is that sometimes I'll get assigned an IP that a previous user had and was sharing on some P2P network and I'll see some leftover packets.


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I have no idea; I don't even know what Norton Internet Security looks like. I'm just assuming that it has an option (somewhere) to completely block an IP since it wouldn't really be a proper application without that feature.
Open NIS, click Personal Firewall, click 'Configure' (bottom right corner), click Advanced and then click General Rules and Add. From here you can block incoming, outgoing or both using Port number or IP address using the wizard.
Thanks RickyC. I'll do that when I get a chance to dig up the ip address in a bit.

EDIT: I found the option under the network tab to either put them in the trusted zone or the restricted zone (in other words blocked). Thanks
Well looks like blocking them isn't going to work cuz the little bugger already came back with a different ip already. Guess I'll just either have to get used to them or slowly block out the little pest's whole ip range in norton.

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