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    i'm using xp firewall, and like to enable file transfer with some IM and ICUII.....anyone knows what are the ports i have to open in order to send and received files and which ones to icuii?
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    try this page Here

    it'll give you everything you need to know about port usage and firewall configuration with ICUII

    good luck!!!

    ~n :D
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    Although XP's firewall does a basic job of protecting you, i'd recommend that you download a free firewall such as ZoneAlarm cause it does a much better job and this way you set permissions as to which program is allowed to access the internet or not.

    XP's firewall won't protect you from a trojan as you are not able to select which programs can come in or out.

    But thanks for pointing out XP's firewall as well cause i just realised that this is the reason why i haven't been able to send files to friends over ICQ or MSN.

    Might as well disable XP's and use ZA Pro =)