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I have a linksys WRT54G and im trying to open up ports for a program i have. I try to open various ports like 49155 or 49153 or 6881. None of them open for some reason. I have tried numerous ones, i tried to open lots of ports on the router, but my computer and laptop keeps saying that its not open. Also i connect my cable modem straight into my laptop and computer. I cannot not figure out why my ports wont open, also my firewalls are down too. Firmware is updated to latest. BTW this is a torrent question for Azurez. Maybe someone might have experience with this. THanks


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Do you receive any types of errors when trying to open the ports on your router? When you save, do the ports still show as open, and mapped to the proper internal IP address of the machine you want them open for?


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And they are mapped to the correct PC IP as well? Such as you forward the ports to and that is the computer you are trying to run them from?

I would also try creating local exceptions on the Windows Firewall or whatever item is in place.


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I have a friend who had problems with having to set the triggers as well as open the ports on his router or the ports did not open. Worth a shot. I can't remember the brand.
Well i finally found the problem, it was becuase my IP end wasn't 100 it was 101 becuase of the wireless IP. Anyways, now that i got my port to open, i have a bigger problem now. I'm downloading at less than 1 MB/psec. Its going 345 B a second. I don't kno why its going so slow, is it becuase of my upload speed becuase im uploading at over 15MB psec per file and less thann 1mb psec per file?


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Yeah, lower your upload speed and that should increase your download speed. Play with the settings a bit until you find something that works out for you.


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your upload and download speeds have nothing to do with each other, they are on seperate channels, so if you had your upload at max it will make no difference to your download speed.

I just make mine unlimited mostly. and have no issues.

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I have to disagree they both use the same line and congestion is congestion. When I have my uploads set to unlimited I have slower download speeds, not to mention I hate uploading at twice the speed as download (why should I upload faster when my download is slow :p).

For a while I was even limiting my download speed since it would interfere too much with other tasks (email, surfing, etc). I'm not the only one who lives here :p
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