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I have been trying to get certain mobile applications to work for awhile now. Connecting my phone to my home network. Some work just fine when there is a server app running, but more of the complex ones need you to port forward.

Right now I am trying to get the Plex media server to work with my Android phone. I can't get a static ip, so I setup DynDNS. That is as far as I got, I have no clue how to portforward my dyndns address, my WRT54G only allows of forwarding to 192.168.1...... addresses, so I am a bit confused. I know I am not understanding a part somewhere, I just cant.

I have read the tutorials on the plex site and dyndns site but no help.

Ideas, help! Please & thanks.


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Usually forwarding a port you use the address of the system you want to port to point to on your network. All dyndns does is track your internet ip for changes since as you mentioned you don't have a static ip


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Yea almost exactly after posting this, I figured out which IP I should be entering into the section in the router. The 2 things I have been trying to do for ever are now working.

Now I see how I did it, quite simple, but before it was extremely complicated lol I am in school to get my A+ I am glad I figured it out, I forgot about internal and external IPs lol

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