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popup stopper?



I use popupcop (anyone else?), and absolutely love the program. Has NEVER allowed a single popup (and controls other behaviors too, but I haven't even looked into that), but DOES allow a popup if it is a link I clicked on (as opposed to other pop up killers I've used which just don't allow any new windows in IE to open unless you hold down ctrl, etc.).

It is a great program, but in 10 days I need to fork over 20$ (maybe a little steep for a popupstopper, but probably worth it). I've seen so many freeware pop up stoppers, I'm wondering if anyone here uses one that they would recommend. I'd prefer if it works as I described popupcop: no popups whatsoever, but doesn't require you to do anything extra to allow a popup that you click on.

Dealer: if you read this post, do you have any suggestions? I used to use host trick for banner ads until you kept singing the praises of adshield (rightfully so as I discovered). Adshield is indispensable, so by any chance do you have another great idea for popups?

(and I apologize if this has been posted before, I couldn't find it in the forums...)


I use Popup Stopper 2.6 by Panicware, its 100% free, stops ALL popups, and has good detection options, little tray icon will flash & play sound if you want whenever a popup is blocked.

Excellent little app, goto ..


if you use zonealarm pro 3.0 as a firewall, it has a great built in tool for stopping ads and popups. i forget what its called though.


Will try popupstopper. I used that for awhile ages ago, and it worked great but there was one major flaw. If I wanted a second instance of IE to open (any window) I had to hold ctrl. Not that big of a problem, but if the popup you wanted to open wasn't an html page (i.e. the show desriptions on tvguide.com) then you had to disable the prog first. Hassle. Well I'll give it a shot and see if its any different.

I can't afford zone alarm pro! Norton was free....


Popup Stopper 2.6 still has the hold CTRL to open new page issue.. but its a small price to getting bombarded by popups, i feel.

I think Popup Stopper 2.6 is great, love it.


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SMASHER also stops all cookies (unless you allow a site's cookies), web bugs, and popups (of course).

The nice thing about SMASHER is you can configure it to allow popups for sites. If you visit websites that use popup windows, it's easy to allow them in the future.


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what i do with that when it runs out, i uninstall it, and then i take all of the items out of the registry that have to do with that. so i can re download it. i know it is technically cheating, but hey if i know how to do it, then why shouldnt i...also, the pop ups are caused by java, so you can disable java, but then you are going to lose a lot of content on web pages and such. i would just suggest doing the registry edit thing. (REMEMBER TO BACK YOUR REGISTRY UP FIRST)



Use Popup Stopper 2.6 from panicware.

IE can be configured to block ya cookies, I havnt configured any special cookie blocking with my ie6, yet it blocks them from all sites unless I say otherwise, which is cool.


Thanks for the ideas. Actually right after posting this my friend forced me to try popup ad filter, it does work really well (not particularly free, though).

I'll look into smasher, I'm up for anything that keeps my IE the way I want it...

There are much much easier ways (although more malicious) to continue to use shareware after it expires... In comparison I'd say what you do is pretty honorable.
Want to send me that keygen? If it came with it, must be legal. The copy I got didn't give me a keygen... If it isn't a problem, npfanz@yahoo.com

Actually since putting adshield on my computer I don't think I've got any popups, so maybe I don't even need to bother. I went to meaya's site that is supposed to be full of popups, so you can test their product, and even if I exit out of popup ad filter I get no popups. I must have already blocked the source of all of many of them with adshield... Good deal.

Thanks for all the input, much appreciated.


Yeah, of the five or six different programs I've tried, Pop-up stopper is Pro is my favorite. The free version isn't worth it, there are better ones out there. But the pro version is the only one I know of that integrates into your browser as a toolbar.


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omg here we go again ,lol :) this is goign to turn out to be a nother AMD v Intel type thread again lol
all pop up stoppers do the same thing , jsut find one u like and one that's easy on the money you need to pay for it.



npfanz, I use PopUpCop too...


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