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Pop-up Messages


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Lately, I have been getting pop-up messages like the one that i just got has "Messenger Service" in the heading. In the message it says "Message from MICROSOFT to (the address of my router, and somehow it made it to my pc) on 10/7/2002 11:58:16 PM Please Come And Get Angry At US!

http://angry.at/freebies . and then there is a button that says OK. Please help :( i hope its not a virus or something because i just got NAV 2003 and it should stop stuff like this.



It doesn't seem like a virus, it could be SPAM from an unknown source. This comes through on ICQ a lot. I am not sure if this can happen w/MSNM since I have never experienced this. Make sure you have the latest version of your NAV DAT files. Also, do a full system scan as soon as possible to rule out the possibility of a virus.

Edit: Note: the latest DAT files on Norton 2002 are dated 10/02/2002, I am pretty sure it's the same for 2003. If you do not have this date, make sure to run Live Update before running your system scan.


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I have the latest definitions and i did a full system scan overnite. Nothing was found.

MS do not send this type of message accept to their own engineers. This is a virus for sure maybe not a virus in the common sense but it has all the hallmarks of a (Netcraft) like worm so it's probably harmless I hope. MS have just release another security update for XP, long on and download.


I just saw this on station called TechTV yesterday.

There is a way for someone to send you a message through MSNm with or without your consent. The only way to stop it is to find the "special" setting IN MSNm to disable the feature. BUT I think you must have the latest version of MSNm to actually turn it off.

M$ made a press release yesterday saying they will not remove the feature from MSNm b/c they like it blah blah blah lol


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There are many viruses being passed through messages of popular IM programs, most come in the form of a URL, and when the user clicks the URL they are infected via the website.

Dave has a point. Try uninstalling MSNM and see if it continues to happen once you reinstall.

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