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Pop up balloons... brain fart.

:rolleyes: I can't believe that I can't remember how to get rid of these things... must be old age creeping in.

The pop up balloons that tell me when my dial up connection
has connected, and say "Click here to begin" when you move
the mouse over the start button.

I got rid of them instantly when I first installed XP, but
damned if I can remember how to do it now.

Again... :rolleyes:



Tried TweakUI, but it didn't work... glitch probably.

That reg setting was what I used initially.

TweakXP really did a number on my when I installed it.
Instead of leaving my settings alone, it changed everything
to what I assume were the default TweakXP settings.
I was not amused, and immediately uninstalled it.

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