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Hi all

I Gota Send my Fx5800 ultra back to PNY, i phoned them up and explained the problem, anyway when i said what exchange would i get he said u will most likely get the 5950 Ultra which is ok but its a discountinued PNY Product? so if that breaks? i got more problems so anyway do u think they will allow me to pay the difference between the 5950 and a 6800 Ultra or GT?
How much is the 5950 Ultra? on Amazon it said £302? is this still the price? Cos the 6800 ultra is bout £345. Please help



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you can ask... this is one of those situations where its best to find out and see if they can give you partial credit towards another product and you'll pay the difference...

if not, the 5950 is a pretty decent card for the most part...
Yea its a good card, n how u mean Credit? like money off? im not 100% sure wat the Difference (Price wise) is between a 5950 ultra n a 6800 ultra or GT Card


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nah i mean they might say, well to replace the card, we can apply some savings and give you the 6800 GT at a discounted price rather than @ 100% price...

the 5950 would probably be around $150-200 or so... probably closer to the higher end or more... so perhaps a difference of around $200 best case scenario?
I think 5950 is a much better card than the 5800 for a few reasons...
first and most importantly, it has a 256-bit memory interface, so given same memory frequencies, 5950 will have double the bandwidth to work with. (Whether it be AA / AF / high res)
secondly, 5950 will generally create less noise, given the same configuration as the nvidia reference.
thirdly, 5950 will generate less heat, which means that the general case temps will be lower, so in theory, your components would last longer.
fourthly, it's worth more than 5800 at the moment :)
sure it's not as good as like a 6600gt in terms of raw power. but it's still a pretty damn good card. besides, i think when they run out of 5950 stocks, they'll give you 6800s anyway? :laugh:
lol Yea he said we only have a few 5950's n over xmas we had alot of returns, so im holding out 4 a week b4 i return my card lol
Hi all, Well i phoned them 2day and he was french n cud barely understand me, they now say there gona send me a 5900Xt? Im gona email them and ask them about a better replacement and one which is not an Discontinued product. Which i think is fair
Ive seen on uk sights a fair Price Difference between the 5950 ultra n the 5900XT so i think PNY r tryin to give me a craper card ive seen Benchmarks showin the 5800ultra beat the 5900ultra but aint seen any full benchmarks showin the 5800ultra, 5900ultra + XT and the 5950 Ultra so i can see how well each card performs, anyone know where i can find them? ive tried google n not had much luck.
Thanx, The 5900XT doesnt beat or is equivlent to my 5800ultra lookin at the scores but the 5950 Ultra is better which they dont have any left of, when i emailed them i basically sed a 5950 Ultra ( which they say they no longer have ) or a geforce 6, now if they offered me the 6600GT i take it this is better than my 5800ultra n i wud still b able to play all my games on Max on 1600x1200? ( Cos i cud on my Fx 5800 ultra with no probs) , i never use AF or AA so that dont matter.


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The 6600gt looks quite a competitive card actually, I'm sure you can google it and find the reviews like i did when i was eyeing 'em up a few months ago :)

See if you can get them to offer at least a 5900u. I know from first hand experience that the 5950U is a very good card (my mates had one since it came out) and still runs everything really quite well
Well its actually quite Equivlent to mine, excpet PS3.0 n obv enhancments

NVIDIA GeForce 6600 GT
GPU Core Clock: 500 MHz
Memory Clock: 450 MHz (900 MHz effective)
Fillrate: 4000 Mpixels/s
Memory Bandwidth: 16.0 GB/s

Above is pretty much same as fx 5800 ultra


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more trannies/better shaders for vertex/pixel shader output and you have a much better component..

plus if my memory serves me correct it is an 8x1 setup rather than the 4x2 setup you have right now... the 8 pipes makes for much better rendering efficiency...

AND you have 256bit memory bandwidth rather than 128bit...
i wudnt call the 5900 XT the Next model up tho n if they got no 5900 Ultras or 5950 Ultras im not gona say yes send me the 5900 Xt as its Slower than my Fx 5800 ultra, All Cards upwards Fx Wise From 5700 Le R Discountinued products.

I See a 6600 Gt A Reasonable Exchange if the only otha card they can send is a slower one.

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I had to get my Sapphire 9800 Pro RMAed a while back and they didn't have the stock anymore to replace it, so I got the Ultimate version, which was passively Zalman cooled,

very cool of them :)
That Pny? or just another RMA from another company? nice of um to go the extra mile tho. 4 me Tho Fx 5800 Ultra, 5900Ultra and 5950Ultra r currently unavaible so there tryin to send me 5900Xt which im not too happy bout, im tryin to sort out a beta replacement b4 i send my card For RMA.
PNY Replied today saying they are really sorry but can only offer me a 5900XT which i will not be accepting after seeing it not performing as well as the 5800ultra in benchmarks, instead PNY said they will offer a refund of the product purchase price which was £285. What Geforce 6 card could i get for this and where? Please help i want my pc back lol