Pls Help !!!



hi ppl,

installed office xp (with frontpage) ... seemed great ... but ran into a glitch that just doesn't make sense ... here's what happens when i run word -

type out, say, a half page ...

now, i have the date on line 2 which i need to right align. clicking the icon right aligns the WHOLE doc ... !!! clicking undo, keeps the date line on right align & puts the rest of the doc to the left.


no go further down the doc an select 1 or 2 words & select bold or underline --- again the whole doc gets the formatting & the date has its' right align cancelled!

this is freaky! there's obvoiusly some screwy setting in either office or a XP global setting somewhere ... but i'll be damned if i can find it ...

HELP !!!

tnx in advance.


Its so vague, very hard to help you with this one ...

Go through and set everything to default and try it

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