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Dec 24, 2001
Wow, have I ever seen a more annoying popup message that won't go away? I have been seeing this message for a long time... it occurs after I join a computer to the domain, restart, and when I am hit with the login box to select the domain... it comes up after I click the dropdown to select it.

Sometimes... it appears real quick and goes away. Sometimes... it stays up for 15+ minutes without doing anything... and the other times it doesn't come up at all! What gives??


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Apr 8, 2005
That happens from time to time, can't quite recall the cause and I believe it's only a one time thing - i.e. after a successful login it will go away.

As a workaround, you can hit CTRL + ALT + DEL to stop the list from building. In most cases, the domain you need to access will be available.


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Apr 26, 2004
usually this is an issue with DNS config on the client. Do you have the client pointing to the domain controller as it's primary DNS?

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