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Please read! Help me embarass my local TV station!


Confused and Bewildered
Heh. Had a little 5.1 earthquake this morning where I live.

The local TV station finally had a news story to report so I went to their website and found the stupidest internet survey ever. Please take the poll for me and make 'em scratch there heads and wonder. And remember to be honest (sort of, but still vote no a few times)! I mean honestly, did you feel it?

The reason the poll is so dumb is that the listening area of the station is about 50 miles around the epicenter of the quake, which was felt for hundreds of miles around. Nobody had voted "no" until I did a few times! Anyway, it's too boring to just sit there and click refresh, so please help me out.

Yes, I'm bored, No, noone was hurt and Kind of it was only interesting for the first 20 seconds, I don't wanna feel one again!


Kirrie u sure u didnt feel it??!!?? Edinburgh woz rockin (hmmmm........)

I voted NO! anyway.

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