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Please Help



I have recently installed Windows XP Professional on my computer and I am having some, what I hope are, teething problems!

The first is my Sound!

I have got a Creative AudioPCI (ES1371,ES1373)(WDM) (Copied from Control Panel) and when I play MP3's there is some static when it is playing. It is worse when I open the start menu or when I open a box in the left of a window (ie File and Folder Tasks, Details or Other Places) the static becomes unbearable. I will post my system spec at the bottom!

The second is also with MP3's but may be a problem with media player!

When an MP3 is running in Windows Media Player and there is a Visualisation running the MP3 slows down and the visualisation stutters! I have the latest XP drivers for my video card and my sound card is supported by the Native XP drivers and is stated on the Creative web site!

The third problem is regarding my game pad!
My game pad is a Microsoft Sidewinder Basic game pad (Non USB) and i have to remove and add the controller in Game Controllers before it will register as "ok". And sometimes it will come up as "Microsoft Sidewinder 3D Pro"

Duron 800
Gigabyte 7A-X mobo (I Think)
Nvidia TNT2 M64
Creative AudioPCI (ES1371,ES1373)(WDM)
256 Mb RAM
20Gb Hard Drive

Any help will be greatly appreciated!!

If you need anymore information just ask and i will provide!



I suggest using winamp from nullsoft...Windows Media is really buggy in my opinion...especially for mp3's etc. If you still use windows media player, then when your playing mp3's, click the 'Now Playing' tab and it will turn off the visualizations...sorry i cant be more help

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