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Please Help


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I have big problem with my pc. Now if im playing some game, the game goes very good about 2 mins, than about 2 mins its laging so much, an then about 2-3 min going perfekt and than laging, and so on. About 3 weeks ago everything was goins so good, no lags, but now.... :/

P.S. Sorry for my bad english
What kind of computer - make and model? What game? How much RAM do you have? Which Windows are you running?

You could try updating your video drivers but if it worked fine before I wouldn't be too confident that would fix your problem.


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I was going to say it might be a heating problem, but if you have had this system running fine before then that is probably not the case. hmmm
is it a game you are playing online? could be your internet connection having trouble. I've seen that a few times too. might want to tracert to the online server and look for high lag or timeouts.
Very good question. I still think in terms of offline...

Also, if available, try reducing the graphic resolution the game is set at. That wouldn't explain why it wasn't like that before, but it may succeed as a workaround for now. This applies to both online and offline games.

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