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please help

hi all

i have a hansol 710A moniter and i have a problem which i hope u guys can sort out:D

i installed xp pro 3 days ago and when i go to display properties under settings it says default monitor installed and when i go to advanced under adapter it sayd unknown for everything under monitor it says default and there are no options. :confused:

when i go to device manager there is no monitors branch so i cant install it from there :confused:
i tried to install drives from the hansol web site but where you pick what hardware it is there is no monitors option and i got this message "the specified location does not contain information about your hardware"

i dont have a clue what else to do

please please please help me!!!! :D :D
Hey! Good news for ya: XP has built-in support for that monitor! I don't know why it didn't find it, but here's how to update it:

1: Go to device manager.
2: open the monitors area
3: double-click the monitor listed there
4: go to the driver tab
5: click "update driver"
6: select the "install from a list or specific location (Advanced)" option
7: Click Next
8: select the "Don't search, I will choose the driver to install" option
9: click Next
10: UN-check "Show compatible hardware"
11: scroll the left pane to your brand
12: scroll to the model in the right pane
13: click Next
14: click Finish

You're done! Hope this helped.
There aren't any monitors in device manager ??!! Are you sure it's not there? There should at least be a monitor category.

If it isn't there, I have no idea what to do. :confused: :confused:
Alt+PrintScreen will take a pic of just the current window.
PrintScreen will take a pic of the whole screen

Either way, you'll have to open Paintbrush or something and select Paste to get your screenshot form the clipboard to an actual image.
Even if you cant go into device manager, you can still do the steps I have outlined above except get into the monitor properties by right-clicking the desktop, select Properties, select the Settings tab, click Advanced, click the Monitor tab, click Properties, and click the driver tab. From there you can follow the steps above.
Damn, that IS weird! Did you install anything video related? Nothing should really effect the monitor properties, but you never know.

BTW: You have admin priveledges right? Because without it, you can't install a lot of software. Try logging in as Administrator.

Otherwise, try the sfc /scannow thing to make sure nothing is "bad".

If none of that works, I do not know! :(


I also have a Hansol monitor :) But I never encountered such a problem .. If nothing else works, I suggest formatting in NTFS and reinstalling Windows XP from scratch .. Upgrading from 98 or ME in FAT32 isn't a very good idea .. If thats what you did .

Good luck !


My suggeston would be to go to add hardware in control panel. It will search for new hardware and probably won't find your monitor if hasn't so far. It will give you a list of the hardware installed and at the bottom of the list is add new hardware. Click that and don't let it choose best software, direct it to the .inf for your monitor. I think that should solve your problem. No idea why it never showed up originally, but hopefully this will fix it.

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