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Please help with log in problem



Two days ago Xp starting asking for a password to log on (even though it is set up to not require a password). I checked and there had been no changes to the accounts. I was able to hit "cntrl-alt-delete" and click "ok" and eventually get in.

Beginning yesterday, I have to reboot to gain access - upon reboot the first time I received a message from disk check saying:
-- "The size of Documents and Settings\Local Service\ntuser.dat.Log entry is not valid", and:
-- "The size of Documents and Settings\Network Service\ntuser.dat.Log entry is not valid"

Then after complete scan it tells me problem corrected. However same problem occurs each following time I start up computer, except after reboot I am now always told there is no problem with files; however password popup screen flashes on and off and then goes to "Windows is starting up screen" for about 5 minutes until the log-in screen comes up (Previously took less than a minute to log in).

Everything else appears to be working normally, but I would like to eventually be able to turn my computer off again.

Any suggestions/help would be appreciated - Thanks in advance for any help.


I have little if anything useful to say but....

Try a system restore if you had a save point prior to the problem(s) starting.

Otherwise, format and start over.

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