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Please Help - video card - new to this


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I just bought myself a Sony Vaio VGC-RB43. In addition, since I am a video game freak I bought BAttlefield2(heard it was good). When I loaded it on my computer it would not play becasue my currend display driver is 64 and I think the game needs 128. Here are my questions

1)my specs say I have one 16x pci express expansion slot
2) Where can I buy a cheap card to fit the need of the game..I have seen prices over $200.00.

3) I jumped on ebay and saw a Ennyah pcx5300..will that work? not sure if it is pci express and the only thing the game is marketing is NVIDIA

anyones help is greatly appreciated.
PCI-E cards are not cheap. you wont fine a card for BF2 under $200 I'm afraid. Look to the Nvidia gf6800GT or ATI X800 Pro.

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