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please help me out here im crying...


original delboy

Ok guys i need some real help here i was running the system suite ontrack (the all in one solution) when some Tw*t pulled the plug out of the socket and my laptop switched off.

I knew straight away i had a problem...(oh i'm crying here)
I turned my laptop back on and scandisk kicked in...when it came to the front screen where my name is displayed i clicked on it and entered my password....and it said something like please contact the network administrator (i am the network administrator)

When my laptop finally loaded it was the default settings of xp pro the menus the settings EVERYTHING!

I have lost all the stuff in my documents and everything some real importand work here which is lost (im sobbing here folks..)
I have tried the system restore points going back to september the 29th and have also tried the recent ones no luck at all.

Please help me out .
I forgot to mention that my hard drive space is the same tho meaning i had 12.8 gig free before and i still have 12.8 gig free now... I have done a search and found my stuff which is a good point its all in c:/documents and settings/then my name....but i need to put everything back as it was...also everytime i switch my laptop on it takes ages where it says applying settings and then the default windows xp screen is shown.

thx :-(

Tabula Rasa

Stranger Than Kindness
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Well you only lost the settings of your account, the documents and data should be o.k
When you managed to load an account, was it your old account???
or did you create a new one?


Be careful!! if you create a new account with the same name as the old one, you run the risk of XP deleting the old accounts documents folder. If I were you the first thing I would do is make a backup copy of the documents and setting directory.


I'm sorry Hal...
Political User
if you create an account with the same name as the old one it should make your new one NAME.001 (this is what it names the directory)

just take all your documents out of your old folder, make a new one and copy the documents into the new one

if you log in as Administrator, you may be able to poke around on your account settings and unlock you orignal account


This has happenned to me once before. While my login info was all stuffed, all my documents etc. in the broken profile were still there.

It should be under: C:\Documents and Settings\*Broken Profile name*\

In there you should have all your documents, favourites and whatever else is profile specific.

This has happened to me before too. I just made a new account with the same name as before and then went into safe mode and copied everything from name.001 (or some directory like that and replace name with your user name). Then try logging in again. You might have to try this a couple of times, it didn't always work for me the first time but it will restore all of your previous settings once it does work. Oh, make sure to copy and paste... don't cut and paste... that way you will still have a backup copy in case you need it.

original delboy

I have done this... Made a new account with a different name and then went into safe mode and copied everything from my corupted folder into the one i just created.

And then re-started.

I logged on using the account i just created and it didn't say anything about a tempory account id have to use etc..i have managed to get things sorted almost - but have lost the stuff i had on my desk top - everything in my documents seems to be there.

Now i guess im almost there i have restored as much as possible (only lost a few things that were on the deskstop but thats not too
much bother...)

Now these are the questions :

when i go into c:\documnets and settings I see the the below folders..

administrator. computer - q3s6sd
all users
my original account
the account i created

Now then when i go to my computer and click on the folder name of myself (just above files stored on this computer..) this isthe path it takes me toC:\Documents and Settings\my old folder name \My Documents.
But i am not logged under this account so why is it showing that path...i need to remove this account but when i go to user accounts it doesnt show it..? it just shows my new one i created not the old one....and the old account is shown in C:\Documents and Settings\

What can be done and why cant i delet this??



I'm sorry Hal...
Political User
all your desktop stuff should be in c:\documents and settings\USERNAME\desktop

the account won't showup in users control panel, becuase it is no longer valid

as for your other problem, the only thing i can think of at the momment is using TweakUI to try to change the locatin of mydocuments to the one of your new account

original delboy

Khayman - Thx for helping me out, but the desktop syuff isn't there...and how do i use tweak ui and where do i get it from...?

even when i search for stuff (start search) the path is c:\documents settings\old folder not new one.... i need to sort this out can you guys help me out.

Thx for all the help/advice given its been much appreciated.


I suggest login in as the administrator, not the user acct with administrative rights. Then copy the files you want into a general location that all accounts have access to. If you don't have one create one like c:\backup. Then remove the accts you are not going to use any longer from the user profiles, make sure you have everything backed up into the backup folder. To locate you files, go to c:Documents and Settings\(you old username).

I don't recommend searching for the files seeing as anything stored within you old profile should be listed within this folder. And it makes it easier to manipulate the files in their original directory structure other than in a search window. Be aware that some of your files may simply be gone, non recoverable, as mine were, and will not turn up as a known file type, becuase it has been curropted and marked as a CHK file. I've yet to reconstruct one of the se files succesfully, so consider them deceased unless someon else has any ideas.

There is a away to remove the non used profiles that are not listed in the user profiles, but it takes some time and editing the registry. I don’t know the exact steps off the top off my head right now, but I know u can find them within the forums here. So after you’ve backed up everything u have the option of either deleting the old corrupted users or backing up to cd-rw, zip disk, whatever you may have and reinstalling the OS. Either works, just depends on which you’re more comfortable within and which you have more time to deal with as both can be a lengthy process.

TweakUi is part of the MS powertoys collection which can be found here http://www.microsoft.com/windowsxp/pro/downloads/powertoys.asp

original delboy

Have made a right mess of things...i went into safe mode and deleted (yep thats right.... :rolleyes: ) the stuff in c:\documnets settings\my old folders contents...and now when i am back out of safe mode all my music my stuff dvd rips have gone for good i think.

Really sadened of all this its been going on almost 3 days now...i will have to reformat deffinatly now...Ineed to do this today as back to work 2moro...a few questions

what shall i use this time fat32 or ntfs partition..? i do not know the difference so id just go with whats best..had fat32 before.

Also how should i format the whole laptop? do i just boot into dos and type c:\format c
Its gona be a long day as i have to load all my programs back on...and not to mention the updates etc

thx to all for the helping hand


Originally posted by original delboy

Also how should i format the whole laptop? do i just boot into dos and type c:\format c

put in xp disc reboot
makin sure cd rom is set to boot before hdd

try ntfs

original delboy

will it keep all my programs on there...as i thought that i have to do a total re-format before i load xp?


it will format your hdd
you will lose everything

but it does give you options to repair, upgrade, or format i believe.

i havent reformatted in 2~3 mos. bout time i clear out my junk as well

original delboy

Thx to all for the help and advice.

I have formatted my hdd and have gone for ntfs sytem, i will be using partition magic and drive image to prevent this of happening again! I have used alot of time to sort this out - i am in middle of installig all my progs, and not to mention the xp tweaks that i'll have to do as well.

cheers again!:D

XP Abuser

im guessing if youve got the ontrack system suite and that includes easy recovery (Data Recovery Tool) but thats all gone to pot now cuz you reformatted ***lifes a ********

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