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Please help me decide....!

Which is better?

  • gigabyte radeon x600pro

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  • gigabyte nvidia PCX 5740 (425/5000)

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  • gigabyte nvidia geforce 6600 (300/550)

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hey guys, I was doin a little research on my next vid card and was wondering what to get. I currently use a radeon 9200se AP-8x on my gigabyte ga-81915p mobo, yes this mobo requires pci-e graphics and the 9200se is agp-8x. But this mobo has a feature called G.E.A.R which lets me use my old card, but is very slow! so im thinkin of buying a proper, lower mid range, pci-e graphics card...

....my max budget is $140. i am not really a hardcore gamer but when i do play i want to get the best performance possible but unfortunately my budget is limiting......anyways the card has to be a pci-e one, heres what ive come up with so far:

1)gigabyte radeon x600pro
2)gigabyte nvidia PCX 5740 (425/5000
3)gigabyte nvidia geforce 6600 (300/550)

which do you think is better? now the 6600 is just a 6600 not the GT version, i read that they use the same GPU and memory but the 6600 has been underclocked, the GT runs at 500/1000 but the regular 6600 runs at only 300/500. The 5750 has higher speeds but is it actually faster or slower then the regular 6600? the 6600 costs about $139 while the 5750 is about $120.
Also there is the X600 pro, Im not sure which to get.

Can you guys pliz help me out? Please tell me which one to go for and why, also it would be helpful if you would provide some specs of the cards. Some comparisons, and reviews would also be nice...thanx!

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